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The National Building Regulations has been amended by the Department of Trade and Industry and the new regulations “Energy usage in buildings” comes into effect on 9 November 2011. This introduces the latest requirements for energy usage in buildings which means all new buildings and extensions have to comply with the new Regulation and will be required to have thermal insulation installed and required to meet a minimum total thermal resistance as specified for the various climatic zones in South Africa. Read more under the news article titled “New Regulations for Energy Usage in Buildings”.

Acknowledging the need for fast tracking building and thermal insulation solutions, and importantly energy conservation in South Africa, Global Specialised Systems, as an owner-managed distribution business, is constantly challenged to meet all these requirements as effectively and professionally as possible. Our strategic alliances with supply collaborates made us an effective role player in our respective markets for the last 24 years.

Key to the customers and eventually our success is the on-going research and development of the latest range of products and services available. As members of TIASA (Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa) and SASFA (South African Steel Frame Association) it gives us access to forums essential for keeping our customers abreast of the latest local developments of which the new energy efficient standards for buildings are the most relevant.

It is our business to tailor our customer’s requirements associated with “specialised or systems construction” and provide a one-stop-shop environment from floors, to walls, to roofs.

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Global Specialised Systems (formly Insulation Converters & Distributors) was founded in 1988 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The Company primarily distributed and marketed a range of fiberglass and rock wool products for thermal, fire and acoustic applications. Products such as “Think Pink” Aerolite are world-class in its ability to provide an efficient domestic environment...

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Insulation protects your home against cold in winter and excess heat in summer.Heat always flows to a cooler area, it will escaping out of the building in the winter and entering the building during summer.Because insulation resists the flow of heat, less

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Global Specialised Systems has supplied both the insulation and polycarbonate roof sheeting for Mr Price new national primary distribution centre, located at Keystone Park, which is located near Camperdown and Cato Ridge, in KwaZulu-Natal. The project is close to completion.The R 100

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