Global Insulation

Global Specialised Systems (KZN) is a leading provider of insulation products and insulation solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. We provide the market with the best technical and economic solutions for all configurations regardless of the type of building or project, new construction or renovation. Our Glasswool and Mineral wool insulation materials provide excellent thermal insulation performance with temperatures ranging from minus 15 degree Celsius to 1050 degree Celsius.

We promote Glasswool and Mineral wool (Rockwool) insulation products that are non-combustible, provide life long energy savings, and products with exceptional thermal and acoustic properties. We continuously resource products that could create complete systems integrated with a variety of accessories. All elements are perfectly adapted to each other in order to enable efficient installation as well as safety and comfort for the final users. As fully fledged members of TIASA we are in a position to provide our customers with superior service and advice.