Global Specialised Systems (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to meeting all of your roofing needs. We have over many years of experience in supplying the major roofing contractors with roofing insulation, fasteners, straining wires and now roof sheeting. Throughout these years we have focused on providing top service to the commercial and industrial roofing industry, which we strive to continue doing for years to come. As an additional roofing and cladding service, Global Specialised Systems now stock Polycarbonate sheets and panel systems suited for the DIY, construction, architectural projects, advertising, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication. construction, display and other application markets.

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Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Our flat solid Polycarbonate Sheet combines ultra-high impact resistance with clarity, making it the material of choice for demanding applications. It i...

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MODEK Translucent Roof Sheet

Polycarbonate is a versatile material used extensively as a rooflight glazing. It is very resistant to impact, transmits high ...

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Multiwall Polycarbonate System

OverviewGlobal Specialised Systems (Pty) Ltd supplies an advanced multiwall polycarbonate panel system that combines proven design, light t...

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Polycarbonate Hobby Greenhouses

OverviewSo Clean, so Simple, so Wise. Mythos greenhouse combine smart and clean design t...

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SUNTUF Polycarbonate Roof Sheet

The SUNTUF corrugated polycarbonate sheet, is an outstanding roofing material that offers superior physical properties. SUNT...

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