Diamond Blades & Tools

Our Diamond Blades and tools are the ultimate abrasive cutting solution in construction and building industries. With a range of products suitable for use on concrete, tile, brick, and asphalt, Global Specialised Systems offers the best choice for every cutting and drilling application. Our diamond blades can be used by professionals in the building/construction industry, but also by DIYers who are demanding better finishes and faster results.

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4x4 Explorer Diamond Blade

A Multi-material diamond blade for all machines....

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Atlas Uni Diamond Blade

Diamond blade for cutting all types material in the building & construction industry.We provide a range of D...

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Classic Beton Diamond Blade

Concrete and reinforced concrete blade for machines less than 20hp.Good value for money laser weld...

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Classic Ceram Diamond Blade

Ceramic tile & natural stone blades for dry-cutting on angle-grinders.Turbo jet continuous rim diamond blade for fa...

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Classic Uni Diamond Blade

General building materials blade for angle-grinders, handheld cut-off saws and masonr...

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PRO Low Vibration Cup Grinder

Speciality Cup grinding plateĀ for grinding operations using a floor grinder or on an...

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Super Asphalt Evo

Asphalt & abrasive materials diamond blade for cut-off handheld saws and floor saws up to 20hp.Very good value for ...

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Super Beton Evo Diamond Blade

A Concrete and reinforced concrete blade for machines bigger than 20HP.Very good value for money laser w...

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TP Mortar Raker

Specialised blade for cutting large construction blocks on block saws.Good va...

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