Rough Grinding

For rough grinding operations where large quantities of material are removed, we offer a range of abrasive types, blends and grades to help you achieve the desired outcome quickly, economically and with excellent results. Whether surface conditioning or snagging in large scale manufacturing, or using grinding wheels in daily operations on a portable machine Global Specialised Systems can offer the perfect solution.

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Bench Grinding Wheel

Bench & pedestal wheels are for deburring, shaping and sharpening, on a bench or pedestal grinder.Our range of wheels for be...

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Metal Conditioning Wheel

Steel conditioning wheels are used in mills and foundries to resurface billets, slabs, blooms and rolls and remove defects, scale and cracks. Grinding w...

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Omega Grinding Disc

For portable grinding and snagging operations using an angle grinder or straight grinder.For portable grinding applications we can supply a varie...

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Vulcan Grinding Wheel

The Vulcan grinding wheel is extensively used across a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, foundry, fabrication, ship-building and cons...

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