Sound Proofing

Global Specialised Systems offers products that has exceptional acoustic properties & enhance indoor environmental quality by absorption of noise in flooring, wall cavities, ceilings and areas where sound transmissions are a problem.

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Aerolite Think Pink

Aerolite is a pink, high quality, Glasswool thermal & acoustic ceiling insulation that is bonded with an inert, thermosetting resin. The strong, resilie...

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Cavitybatt has been specially developed for use as cavity fill within steel frame structures, timber frame buildings & Gypsum dry wall systems. Cavityba...

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Lay-in acoustical Glasswool ceiling panels faced with black non-woven glass tissue. Application Suitable for commercial ceilings where...

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Soundlite ceiling tiles are manufactured from non-combustible inorganic Glasswool & bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. A decorative vi...

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Ultimate Thermo Board

Resin bonded, semi-rigid mineral wool boards/slabs. The board is supplied plain, however on request it can be faced to suit specific applications....

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Ultimate Thermo Felt

Resin bonded flexible mineral wool blanket supplied in rolls.The felt is supplied plain, however on request it can be faced with reinforced kraft/alumin...

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Ultimate Thermo Matt

Resin-bonded mineral wool blanket stitched onto galvanized wire-mesh. Wire backed mattress for thermal and acoustic application Fe...

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Ultimate Thermo Pipe

Resin bonded high temperature resistant mineral wool, preformed into rigid, cylindrical section. The pipes are supplied plain, however can be cover...

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