Insulation Ancillaries

Global Specialised Systems continuously resource products that could create complete systems integrated with a variety of accessories. To complete any insulation requirement we offer roof ventilation options, insulation tapes, wires, fixings and chemicals.

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Aluminium Foil Tape

Structural components are subject to the action of heat, cold, steam and water. Thus joints and seams must be particularly well protected, because the ...

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Double Sided Tape

In all branches of industry and in every trade, double sided self adhesive tapes are finding ever increasing favour since they present no problems when ...

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Galvanised Straining Wire

Galvanized straining wire is suitable to fix most of our commercial roofing thermal insulation products in either under or over perlin applications. The...

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Hurricane Fire Vent

The Hurricane Turbine Ventilator has received global recognition as the leader in wind-driven ventilator technology. Hurricane ventilators are c...

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PVC Coated Straining Wire

Our Galvanized steel is greatly resistant to rust and thus considerably prolongs its service lifespan. It is available in a wide range of gauges a...

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The low-cost industrial turbo vent, designed and manufactured in South Africa for rugged, low cost, industrial ventilation. Pedigree T...

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Whirlybirds originate in the USA where they have been operating since 1940. They have spread throughout the world and are the biggest selling turbine ve...

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WMP-10 Polypropylene/Scrim/Kraft

WMP-10 is a high-quality insulation vapor retarder for Thermal Insulation...

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