Global's new High Strength Drywall


The HABITO Drywall is the latest addition to the Global Specialised Systems performance board range. Designed for use in the commercial and residential sector, HABITO provides enhanced impact resistance and for the first time, fixing capability. Suitable for direct decoration or a plaster finish.

The HABITO drywall is reassuringly solid and dependably strong, plus it provides for better flexibility than standard internal drywalls.

Will you need special fixings to install fixtures on your HABITO drywalls?

The strong service enables you to fix shelves, curtain poles and TVs, without the need for noggings, battons, drills or specialist fixings. You can simply screw directly into the wall surface, making DIY easy and giving you more freedom to have you home or office just the way you want it.

What about the fixing capability of HABITO?

Pending technology was used to provide inbuilt fixing performance. By using the correct screw you will provide a safe working load of up to 15 kg per fixing. Follow the manufactures guidance as to the number of fasteners required to mount a fixture.

What about re-fixing items back into the same location?

You can re-fix and item back into the same position on a HABITO wall and the load strength will be largely unaffected.

Is the HABITO wall available in South Africa?

HABITO walls are distributed by Global Specialised Systems since May 2016.

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