How to select the right thermal insulation / Climatic Zones in SA

So how to select the use of the right insulation

Firstly, determine the appropriate R-value that will suit your needs. For consumers/builders, there is a table of recommended insulation levels (i.e.: R Values) throughout South Africa according to the six (6) climate regions referenced in the energy efficiency provisions as per the Levels of Insulation Chart (see further down). This acts as an insulation grading guide to find the R-value that is recommended.

There are various grades of thermal insulation, denoted with an 'R' rating. Normally, the higher the number following the 'R' the thicker the insulation is. After determining what type of insulation to use, wall cavity can be insulated using thermal insulation blankets that are bundled rolls between 50mm to 135mm thick.

When installing insulation there are so many options that it can often be confusing. Fiberglass  and Polyester insulation works very well for walls and ceilings, is easy to install and requires little to no maintenance.

Climatic Zones in SA: 


Recommended Levels of Insulation: Click here to view or download 


 Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa    

The Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa (TIASA) established guidelines available for comsumers and professionals and the objective is to desseminate knowledge about insulation and its performance requirements within the building envelope.

A comprehensive reference is availbale on