How to Save Money by Insulating Your Home

Attention: The Home Owner  

Global Specialised Systems (KZN) (Pty) Ltd is an official supplier and installer of “Think Pink” Aerolite and related insulation materials in KZN for the last 30 years.

We regard ourselves as "domestic thermal insulation experts" and we are striving to effectivley promote energy efficiency amongst homeowners in KZN. South Africa is in an energy crisis and that means that we all need to think of innovative ways to save electricity in our homes. One of the most effective ways to save energy is to insulate your home. As members of the Thermal Institute Association in SA (TIASA) we have a mandate to try and encourage homeowners to follow the rules of roof insulation as legislation would tell later this year. Simply speaking, we all need to properly insulate our homes to conform to the forthcoming legislation on energy efficient buildings. 

Ceiling Insulation -

As a regular home looses up to 25% of its energy through the ceiling in winter and gains a similar amount in summer, there is no better alternative than to install an easy to use thermal blanket like Aerolite to stop heat penetration. Our Company endorsed the use of “Think Pink” Aerolite as the preferred ceiling insulation for homes in KZN for the following reasons and for you as the homeowner to consider:

  •  Fire tested - We cannot never over emphasize the importance of providing adequate and effective fire protection for your home. Aerolite is a proven fire rated ceiling insulator. Aerolite cannot prevent a fire, but it can stop the spreading of fire
  • Natural - Aerolite is environmentally friendly and uses 50% recycled glass in its formulation
  • Health - The fibers are bio-soluble and pose no health hazards
  • Local - Aerolite is a proudly South African product manufactured locally
  • Heat Resistance - Aerolite provides the required thermal resistance value (R-value) required for your area. All bulk insulation materials like Aerolite have a (R-value) thermal resistance which is a measure of its effectiveness and the most important factor to consider when selecting thermal insulation. For example – Aerolite 135mm has an R-Value of 3.38 which conforms to the 2.7 minimum required total R-value based on TIASA’s rules for our region
  • Saves money - Think Pink Aerolite reduces the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable living environment, offering a payback in less than 3 years with continued savings hereafter, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Aerolite will reduce the reduction of heat flow through your ceiling by 83% if using at least a 100mm thick blanket 

Geyser and Pipe Insulation -

We also install Geyser Packs with similar advantages when you consider insulating your home with Aerlolite ceiling insulation. A geyser consumes 35% of a typical household’s electricity and this can be reduced by up to 58% when insulating your geyser and adjoining hot water pipes. A recent study showed that it takes a 3kw, 150 litre geyser 2 hours to heat water to 60 ºC. With a geyser blanket the heat will be retained above 60 ºC for 6 hours, reducing the number of heating cycles, which is an easy and highly effective way of saving electricity. You don’t have to worry about turning your geyser on and off after fitting the Geyser Pack. Our Geyser Pack consists of a geyser blanket (flexible glasswool with foil facing), pipe insulation (5 x 1 m snap on pipes) and binding tape.  We can supply additional pipe insulation if required.

Intall now - contact us!

We sincerely hope that we could provide you with solutions to enhance a comfortable living environment and guidelines that would enable you to make the right choices when considering roof and ceiling insulation. Please contact our office on 031-468 1234 to arrange for an installation date or for any other information required.

Remember that you can "qualify" for a discount if you provide us with measurements of the ceiling area that requires insulation. If interested, complete this checklist that will enable us price accordingly  before scheduling the installation. The relevant Terms & Conditions applies.

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