How To Install Ceiling Insulation


Installation steps:

  1. Measure the distance between tie beams using a tape measure. While still in the bag, cut insulation roll to the required size. The roll should be cut 50 mm more than the distance between the tie beams

  2. Remove the insulation from the bag and roll it out between the tie beams ensuring that it fits tightly between the tie beams. Ensure that the insulation is tightly butted against each other.

  3. Cut the insulation out around trap doors and fix the cut section to the trap door using good quality contact adhesive.

  4. Wrap water pipes using the same insulation. Measure the circumference of the pipe.

  5. Cut the roll to the required size ensuring that there is a 10 mm overlap when the insulation is wrapped around the pipe. Secure the insulation using strings/cable ties at no less than 300 mm apart.

  6. It is advisable to lay the insulation underneath any wiring and to cut around any down lights to allow heat to escape.

Tips on Handling and Storage:

  • Store undercover, and in dry conditions.

  • Handle with care, especially on the edges and corners, which can be damaged if subject to sharp impact.

  • Do not apply excessive pressure, for example by standing or sitting on the product, as permanent damage may be caused. 

Health Notice:

Glass fibres do not present a health risk. They may however cause a mechanical itch to the skin (similar to that caused by grass). It is advisable to wear gloves when installing fibre glass insulation. In the case of itching, wash affected area with warm, soapy water.

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