How much would it cost to insulate my house?

Experiencing the blues in winter and the hots in summer? Feeling the pinch in your pocket because of the increasing electricity bills? Desiring to know how to help conserve energy?

We could help you addressing all this by offering you a thermal insulation solution. The most effective way to save energy is to insulate your home and your geyser. As long as we all follow the rules of insulation we would have no problem achieving our energy targets.

Starting at R65 per square meter you could have 100mm Think Pink Aerolite ceiling insulation and a Geyser blanket with pipe insulation fitted, depending on the cover area.

We sincerely hope that you would consider insulating your home that would not only save you money in the medium term but could also provide you with the ideal solution to enhance a comfortable living environment in either cold or warm weather.

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-Our credentials -
Global Specialised Systems (KZN) (Pty) Ltd is KZN's official supplier and installer of Think Pink Aerolite and related insulation materials for the last 30 years. We are mandated to ensure homeowners follow the rules of roof insulation as to conform to the forthcoming legislation on energy efficient buildings.