Global is in line with the green building movement

Global Specialised Systems (KZN) Pty Ltd (GSS) supports the private sector’s initiative in promoting and help growing the market for green commercial and residential buildings.

Through its association with TIASA, GSS supports the building valuation and certification systems that would grow the green marketing initiatives. This strong legislative environment is one important factor in driving the awareness and development of the green building markets. Although green initiatives in the building environment are not enforce through legislation yet in SA, the green drive will be supported by the new building regulations later this year. GSS is already in line with supplying products that would be compliant with SANS 204 (insulation) and SANS 428 (fire) building regulations.

In stimulating green building awareness, GSS forms part educating the public and policy makers about the benefits of energy saving practices. As a supplier of green building products, GSS plays an important role in encourages our current and potential customers to drive the message of sustainability. GSS is committed to ensuring that green buildings are promoted by introducing building and insulation materials tailor made for the growing local demand.

GSS drives the “green” value of building insulation

The bottom line is that insulation saves electricity and looks after the planet. More importantly, future building owners will start demanding proper insulated buildings or houses. By installing insulation during the initial building process, less money will be spent, as retro fitting will be costly in the event the new regulations demand it.

The effectiveness of insulation is firstly, based on the climate of the area and the choosing of a material that stops the flow of heat or cold. This is called the R-value and is the capability of the insulation to keep the heat in or out. Secondly, the value of recycled materials is a critical factor in looking after our environment. Recycled materials such as fiberglass insulation, is one of the alternative insulation types to be made as a replacement to the old asbestos and formaldehyde types.

GSS is geared to provide its customers with the correct advice on what insulation to consider before spending too much money. In doing this GSS believes it helps adding value to buildings and would make it easier to sell.

Recommended “green strategies”

  •  Re-use of waste
  • Use local products
  • Use recycled products
  • Less water consumption
  • Energy - reduce or control of energy usage
  • Install solar heaters
  • Install Wind turbines
  • Natural (free) cooling and ventilation (use of sea and land breeze), whirlies, shading
  • Use natural lighting
  • Use heat reflective materials
  • Minimizing toxin release (coatings, plasters, adhesives)
  • Less running hours during non-trade hours, i.e. heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting
  • Energy saving by installing a Building Management System (BMS) - meters the measures electricity consumption
  • Lighting – rather LED’s with lower installed capacity, natural light enhancing windows
  • Water – rainwater harvesting (water tanks), low flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, less thirsty landscaping


Providing sustainable products makes financial sense. Nobody wants to pay higher utility bills that they absolutely have to, and his means and energy-efficient home or office will be far more attractive to potential buyers. Insulate now!