Global empowered another staff member!

Global Specialised Systems (KZN) continues to align our skills and equity initiatives and actions with broad based BEE. As members for the Construction Training Authority (CETA) we continue to tap into the full benefits of formal training and Learnerships which we then pass on to empower our staff.

In a further acknowledging of the high value of structured learning, we enrolled Erick Zondi into a Team Leadership Learnership. He successfully completed this NQF3 Learnership through DIONYSUS. This is a truly remarkable story of a 51 year old man who embarked on this Learnership, who walked into the Learning Centre on the 29th August 2011 as a shy, reserved and somewhat nervous individual who found himself surrounded by individuals who were not only younger than him, but who also had a more formal education than himself.

Erick struggled during the first module but with help from his facilitator, he managed to catch up to the rest of the group. Erick’s strengths grew from module to module. He gained confidence in himself and his abilities which helped him to start actively participating in group discussions and activities.

Erick (far right) during a work group session at the DIONYSUS Learning Centre.

We are happy to say that that we have noticed a change in Erick’s attitude and his improved skills after he has attended the Team Leader training. We have seen better time management and communication skills, increased Supervisory Skills, better understanding of written business communication and acknowledgement of legislative guidelines for a better work environment. 

Through this Learnership, the company gave Erick the opportunity to obtain a formal managerial education. During this time Erick learnt about his true potential and he is a shining example of what can happen when individuals apply themselves, demonstrate commitment and perseverance, and prove themselves to be responsible and accountable.