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The low-cost industrial turbo vent, designed and manufactured in South Africa for rugged, low cost, industrial ventilation.


The Twister turbo vent was designed in South Africa, drawing on more than a decade of experience in installing turbo vents. It was designed as a rugged, low-cost solution for ventilating industrial buildings in Africa. Its design incorporates features of turbine ventilators that have proved successful in other countries.

A choice of aluminium or galvanised mild steel

The Twister is available in either high-quality, lightweight aluminium, or in rugged galvanised mild steel. Although the choice of aluminium assures a rust-free life span, experience has shown that a mild steel turbine will last for a long time, even in coastal regions.

Sturdy construction

36 uniquely shaped vanes are riveted laterally to form a rugged, spherical dome. The dome is free to rotate about a vertical spindle on ball bearings set at each end of the spindle. The lower bearing is anchored to a supporting base collar and the upper bearing is supported by four rigid struts that are also secured to the base collar. This design provides excellent support in high-wind conditions. All components are shaped for strength and riveted at every connection.

Versatile mounting

Normally, the dome assembly can be mounted on the standard cylindrical neck that incorporates a sliding joint and flange. The flange facilities watertight attachment to most types of roof and the sliding joint enables the neck to be elbowed so that the spindle can be set vertically on roofs pitched between 0º and 23º. An optional neck is available to accommodate roofs pitched between 0º and 45º. As an alternative to the standard cylindrical neck, a special square-to-round mounting can be provided to suit the application.

High quality ball bearings

The high quality 1614RS series ball bearings are sealed for long life and trouble-free performance. Specially designed bearing housings provide additional protection from heat, dirt and moisture.


In spite of its size, the Twister is particularly responsive to the slightest convection current or breeze. This is due to the widely spaced bearings, made possible by the external bracing system; the efficiency of the bearings; and the extensive "sail area" presented by the unusually high number of vanes. In addition, the aluminium version of the Twister has a particularly low inertia due to the lightness of the dome.

Waterproof and dust repellent

The vanes are shaped to prevent rain and dust from penetrating the dome. Extra-large flashing enables leak-proof installation.


The Twister is resistant to rust and corrosion and the bearings are lubricated with heat-resistant grease and permanently sealed, thus providing complete protection against dust and moisture. These features render the Twister maintenance- free.


The Twister is backed by a 5-year warranty covering defective materials and manufacture.

Proven performance

The Twister has been tested to withstand wind speeds gusting up to 160km per hour. There are thousands of units installed around Southern Africa providing ventilation to a wide range of buildings.

Size and colour

The Twister has neck diameters of 500mm and 610mm. The standard milled aluminium or galvanised finish can be colour coated upon request.

Quiet operation

The latest evaporative coolers are especially designed for quiet operation. The design of the moving parts: the motor, the pump and the fan are critical in this regard. All materials should, ideally, be selected for their sound absorption qualities. Evaporative cooling systems that employ centrifugal fans are quieter than those that have axial fans.

Healthy ionisation

The evaporative cooling process generates negatively charged ions in the air. Negative ions are produced as the water cascades over the filter pads. That's why people find showers so refreshing! The excess of positive ions that is common in indoor environments is physiologically and psychologically harmful to living beings. Introduction of negative ions restores the natural balance, making the air healthier to breathe.

Gentle moisture

Whereas conventional refrigerative air conditioning removes essential moisture from the air, which causes irritation to living beings, evaporative coolers moisten the air so that it is far kinder to sensitive nasal passages, eyes and skin. Nasal passages will not dry up and therefore colds are less likely to occur. In the presence of gentle moisture, indoor plants will be less likely to wilt and objects such as decorative furniture will be less likely to warp. There will be less irritating static electricity in the air because the water vapour will short-circuit the unhealthy positive ions to the negatively charged earth.

Affordable Comfort

Evaporative air-cooling has a double cost advantage. In contrast with refrigerative air conditioning, it is less expensive to install and typically costs one tenth as much to operate.

Higher Productivity

Scientific research has shown conclusively that people working and living in a cooled environment feel better and are less likely to be absent from work. Their concentration is enhanced, they make fewer mistakes and they are motivated too.

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