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Whirlybirds originate in the USA where they have been operating since 1940. They have spread throughout the world and are the biggest selling turbine ventilator in the world. Whirlybirds were introduced to South Africa in 1983 where they started a trend and are the most commonly used turbine ventilator. They are fully assembled in South Africa.

All-aluminium, Rust-free Materials

The Whirlybird is constructed entirely of high-quality aluminium. This makes it lightweight and rust-resistant.

Sturdy Construction

21 aerofoil blades are riveted laterally to form a sturdy spherical dome. The dome incorporates a rigid spider-type framework attached to a vertical spindle via two ball bearings. All components are shaped for strength and riveted at every connection. Tests conducted by the Construction Research Laboratory Inc. in Miami, Florida, USA, proved that the Whirlybird could withstand winds gusting up to 190km per hour.

Versatile Mounting

The dome assembly is mounted on a cylindrical neck that incorporates a sliding joint and flange. The flange facilities water- tight attachment to most types of roof and the sliding joint enables the neck to be elbowed so that the spindle can be set vertically on roofs pitched between 0º and 45º.

Unique Upper and Lower Ball Bearings

The ball bearings feature inner and outer machined races made of Delrin and nine 200 grade 302 series stainless steel balls in a Turcite bearing cage engineered for low turning resistance. Turcon seals and an ultrasonically welded bearing cap protect the heat-resistant Anderol 793A lubricant from ingress of dirt and moisture.

Low Inertia

The lightness of the dome and the high quality of the ball bearings assure low inertia so that the dome rotates silently about its spindle under the influence of the slightest convection current or breeze.

Waterproof and Dust Repellent

The aerofoil vanes incorporate rolled edges shaped to prevent rain and dust from penetrating the dome. Extra-large flashing enables leak-proof installation.


The Whirlybird is resistant to rust and corrosion and the bearings are lubricated with heat-resistant grease and permanently sealed, thus providing complete protection against dust and moisture. Theses features render the Whirlybird entirely maintenance-free.


The Whirlybird is backed by a 3-year warranty covering defective materials and manufacture.

Proven Performance

The CSIR has tested the air-removing capacity of the Whirlybird and copies of their report showing its remarkable performance are available. Many thousands of Southern African users attest to the benefits produced by the Whirlybird.

Range of Sizes and Colours

The Whirlybird is available in two sizes: the standard size has a 300mm-diameter neck and the big one a 350mm-diameter neck. Whirlybirds have a standard milled aluminium finish, but can be colour coated upon request.

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