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Nutec ceiling boards are manufactured from a combination of Portland cement, silica and organic fibres, and do not contain any asbestos fibres. These materials have considerable strength in their own right and will not deteriorate with age.

Nutec plain and textured ceiling boards are extensively used as nail-up ceilings and as an all-purpose building board for other interior and exterior applications. Not only are these products ideal for general use indoors, but because these products are not affected by moisture and are therefore ideal for use in damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and verandas, as well as for under eaves linings.

Nutec ceiling boards are non-combustible and will therefore inhibit the spread of fire. They provide perfect protection against flying sparks.

The material will not rot and cannot be damaged by termites and rodents.

All plain ceiling boards are manufactured and tested in accordance with the South African Bureau of Standards Specification SANS 9001:2000 (ISO 9001). The product also carries an SABS Mark under specification SABS 803-1995.

Nutec ceiling boards are supplied in their natural colour and will accept all water-based paints without pretreatment.

For soffit applications areas where high wind pressures prevail, EVERITE should be consulted for particular fixing and framing conditions.

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