Hurricane Fire Vent

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Product Details

The Hurricane Turbine Ventilator has received global recognition as the leader in wind-driven ventilator technology.

Hurricane ventilators are constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium and feature a double row bearing system for optimum performance under a wide range of conditions.

The Hurricane ventilation systems are designed to ensure your building will have the best ventilation performance, with the right air exchange rates.

The Hurricane has also been wind load tested to 195km/h.


·       Special Bases

·       Manual and Electric Dampers

·       Ceiling Grilles

 Features and Benefits

·       Specifically designed for commercial / industrial applications

·       Made from light weight, corrosion resistant marine grade equivalent aluminium

·       Higher flow coefficients than comparable size spherical vents

·       Available in high corrosion resistance version

·       Available in product suited for smoke release applications

·       Matching accessories

·       Manual and Electric dampers

·       Short lead times on standard products

General specifications

  • Bearing system

The Hurricane contains a rotation bearing system, which consists of double ball bearing, spider and single row bearing system

  • Warranty

A 5 year warranty is offered on the Hurricane FR Vent.

  • Material

The Base plate, dome, throat and brackets of the Hurricane are made of Aluminium. The spider bearing is made of Zinc, a passivate plated mild steel. The Shaft is made of Stainless Steel. The main bearing holder assembly is made of Glass Reinforced Polphenylene Sulphide (PPS)

  • Size

The Hurricane is available in a 900mm diameter unit. The Hurricane 900 has the ability to operate for 120 min at 200°C or operate for 30 min at 300°C.

Additional Information

Technical Data

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