Heavy Duty Architectural Door

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Product Details

Our interior timber doors are of medium/heavy duty construction and are available in a variety of timber finishes.

The Eco friendly architectural timber doors are manufactured with the highest standard of quality raw materials and are subjected to stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Door Finishes

Our range of quality timber doors is available in an extensive selection of finishes to suit your specific requirements.

 The more popular door finishes are available ex stock to provide quicker turnaround times, whilst the less common finishes are manufactured on a made to order basis, subject to prevailing lead times.

Our Promise of Quality and 2 Year Guarantee

All our timber doors are supplied with a standard 2 year guarantee against defective workmanship.

Caring for the Environment Our Doors are Eco Friendly

Raw material used in the tubular core construction of our door is untreated sawmill residues from mills providing an environmentally friendly basis for the wood supply. The PEFC-certified raw materials used in our honeycomb core construction are derived from recycled material that is recyclable and repulpable.

Medium/Heavy Duty Trucore Doors

Totally eco-friendly, the doors honeycomb core is manufactured using recycled material and offers:

  • Weight Reduction:

Honeycomb cores are incredibly lightweight which means easier transportation, handling, storage, and are simply lighter to work with. Tubular Cores reduce the weight of the doors by up to 60% compared to conventional steel doors.

  • Strength:

Innovative technology of the core delivers all the strength benefits of typical honeycomb type construction.

  • Recyclable:

Made from recycled material the core is fully recyclable and repulpable

  • Thickness Precision:

Tubular Cores have a guaranteed thickness tolerance of +/- 0.1mm

  • Impact Resistance:

Pressure of up to 20kg/cm will not cause any deformation of the doors core.

  • Sound Insulation:

Sound insulation of up to 30 d/b.

Prefabrication Kit Doors

As we all know in the construction industry Time is Money. In line with this thinking, we offer the essential service of kit forming our timber doors and doorframes for the various partitioning systems that we have on offer.

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