Fire and Acoustic Door

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Product Details

Our Pyrocoust Acoustic Fire Door with the core gives you fire protection with the added benefit of acoustic insulation from one door. The inclusion of retro fit seals increases the acoustic performance by 6DB.

Trucore fire rated doors are manufactured for a guaranteed and proven 30 minute fire protection and up to 34DB sound insulation making it the obvious and most economical choice. Trucore 30 minute fire rated doors are manufactured from a tubular particle board core of 354kgs/m3.

You will often find the Trucore Pyrocoust Acoustic Fire Doors in Hotels, Offices, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Buildings.

Product Specs

Supply only, TRUCORE PYROCOUST ACOUSTIC FIRE DOOR in strict accordance with the manufacturers instructions and in compliance as follows:

  • 33 RH Engineered Fire Rated Tubular Core
  • Including the necessary intumescent
  • Engineered Fire Rated Tubular Core
  • Sound Insulation of up to 28 DB without special acoustic seal
  • Sound Insulation of up to 34 DB with special acoustic seal
  • Face finishes suitable for painting or specified custom timber veneers
  • Thickness precision
  • Light weight construction but heavy duty stability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • PEFC Certified

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