Ceiling Access Panel

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Our innovative EeZee Metal Access Panels offer a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative to a conventional Gypsum Trap Door, ensuring that your product maintains a neat and clean appearance.

Modern and very functional the EeZee Access Panels are available in three different configurations to cater for specific requirements All variants are manufactured with a metal pan with aluminium frame

  • Top Hung
  • Bottom Hung
  • Lay-In Pan

Our standard production sizes are 600 X 600 mm modular fitment as well as a 1200 X 600mm panel. Other sizes can be accommodated although any variant larger than the 1200 X 600 mm is not recommended.

Our Metal Ceiling Access Panels offer:

  • Quality product that guarantees a long lifespan.
  • Time saving and easy to install panels come complete with full detailed fixing instructions for quick on site installation.
  • Due to the white powder coated finish, EeZee ceiling access panels are easy to clean – making unsightly finger marks, that are prevalent on conventional gypsum trap doors, a thing of the past.
  • Aesthetically superior to gypsum trap doors, they offer a neat, clean finish to ceilings.

Our New Addition To The Range

Flush Plastered Ceiling Access Panels

The Flushline Access Panel was introduced to assist with unsightly ‘trap door, applications within flush plastered ceilings where access to services in certain areas was unavoidable The 12mm MDF Lid is incorporated into an aluminium frame and once fitted flush up against the Gypsum board in the ceiling leaves a discreate 2mm shadow line in the ceiling, the only hint that there actually is an access point within the ceiling. The pan is pre-primered allowing for the painting of the ceiling (including the access panel) to be one easy application. Our standard production size is 600 X 600 mm although other sizes can be accommodated upon request. Sizes larger than this are not recommended due to certain weight restrictions.

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