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Product Details

Alulite 4040 is a double sided domestic reflective foil insulation. It is anexcellent radiant barrier for downward heat flow (summer) and a moderate barrier for upward heat flow due to the trap air bubbles (winter), simple to use and cost effective.

This product is manufactured using a modern sophisticated continuous laminating process which create a layer of low density Polyethylene air cells laminated on both sides with foil.

Alulite is been developed for the Domestic market and therefore easy to install, prevents dust penetration into the attic space and also acts as a waterproof membrane.

Alulite complies to the fire regulation SANS 428.

Advanced Benefits

  • Protects your roof space from heat build-up due to radiant heat penetration by acting as a heat barrier to protect all services within the roof space from drying out, cracking and degradation due to UV and Solar heat gain.
  • An effective water vapour barrier under roof tiles or sheeting.
  • Improves the performance of bulk insulation by effectively reducing the temperature within your roof space.
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Carcinogenic
  • Does not attract rodents
  • Has no fibres
  • Easy to install. No safety equipment needed during installation
  • Reduces Dust penetration into the roof space.

Architectural Specifications

4mm Alulite 4040 Domestic, D10 both sides reflective foil.

If steel trusses use in conjuction with-

  • Galvanised straining wire placed at 383mm centre
  • 24mm / 48mm double-sided tape

If timber trusses then no wire or tape needed.

Additional Information

Technical Data

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