Pro Formance Plaster Ceiling Grid Cross Tee

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The Pro Formance T38 Galvanized Plaster Ceiling Grid Cross Tee is a durable, strong, and easy to use ceiling grid manufactured to the highest standards. 

One of the key features of the plaster cross tee is the end-clip which has been designed in Germany and is manufactured of high tensile steel. The clip has a distinct sound when inserted into the main tee slot, an indication to the installer that the tee has been seated properly. 

A further feature is that the web height, which is crucial to its strength, has been increased from the standard 32mm to 38mm. 

High quality steel and rigorous galvanizing ensures the product will perform in the most aggressive environments. The knurling of the face of the tee, which is also 0.3mm thick, has an even pattern of deep indentations which assist in making screw location easy and fast. 

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