Quantum Ultimate Technology Cutting Disc

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Product Details

With unparalleled abrasive technology, Quantum provides optimum solutions with innovative products dedicated to industrial applications. 

Quantum Fast Cut wheels deliver an extremely comfortable and efficient grinding solution for all demanding metal fabrication applications. They maintain a consistently high stock removal, even on hard alloy steels, maximizing product throughput without the need for high pressure.

The Quantum Ultimate Technology ultra thin cutting-off wheel provides the ultimate performance in all demanding applications even on hard alloy steels, providing unrivalled life, highest metal removal rates and the fastest cutting action.


  • No other wheel lasts longer
  • Lowest total abrasive costs
  • High metal removal rate
  • Fast cutting
  •  High stability and low vibration
  • Less noise and dust
  • Less energy consumption
  • Burr-free cutting
  • White and clean cutting
  • Extreme precision and straight cutting

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