MODEK Translucent Roof Sheet

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Polycarbonate is a versatile material used extensively as a rooflight glazing. It is very resistant to impact, transmits high levels of light, is relatively easy to use and it has a good fire rating. , and is one of the newer plastics to be used in the construction industry around the world. MODEK uses the highest-grade polycarbonate polymer available and modern co-extrusion technology, ensuring a high-product quality and allowing for any transportable length of sheet to be made.

Profiled polycarbonate matches profiled roof cladding and allows the sky to be viewed through a corrugated material, a feature popular with many designers. MODEK polycarbonate comes in all the profile shapes generally used for nontranslucent roofing and cladding in South Africa. That said, extrusion and vacuum-forming techniques allow a huge variety of profiles to be produced.

MODEK manufactures three nominal thickness specifications, all locally: 0.8mm, 1.00mm and 1.25mm. A layer of UV protection PC is co-extruded on the weathering side of all MODEK polycarbonate roof sheets. MODEK polycarbonate roof sheets are available in various profiles and colours. Colours include clear, Opal, Bronze, Green and Blue. Profiles include amongst others IBR, Corrugated 8.5 & 10.5, Nurib, Nudek, Klip Lok 700 & 812.

MODEK manufactures PC in the following standard Profiles:

  • Corrugated 8.5
  • Corrugated 10.5
  • IBR
  • IND. 7
  • Supaclad
  • Grecca
  • Nudek
  • Kliplok 700
  • Kliplok 812
  • BIG 6

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