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Easily installed, ABS polymer turbo vent ideal for residential as well as commercial roofs. Its aesthetically pleasing, aerodynamic appearance compliments most roofs.


Supa Vents originate in Australia where they have been operating since 1991. They were introduced to South Africa in 1993 and since then have been installed in ever increasing volumes, particularly on residential and commercial buildings. They are now manufactured in South Africa.

Robust Construction

Supa Vents are constructed of tough, UV stabilised, ABS polymer. The polymer components are jointed and bonded together to form a sturdy spherical dome. The dome is linked to the vertical spindle via two widely spaced, precision ground, stainless steel ball bearings, engineered for low turning resistance. This combination makes the unit hail and debris resistant and assures a very long life for the unit. Tests conducted by the University of New South Wales, Australia proved that the Supa Vent could withstand winds gusting up to 57m/s (205km per hour).

Unique Vane Design

18 uniquely designed, vertical vanes are especially formed to scoop maximum power from passing wind. Of particular interest is that the Supa Vents outperform conventional vent designs in light breezes.

Versatile Mounting

The dome assembly is mounted on a cylindrical, aluminium neck that incorporates a sliding joint and a very malleable aluminium flange. The flange facilities watertight attachment to most types of tile and metal roof. The sliding joint enables the neck to be elbowed so that the spindle can be set vertically on roofs pitched between 0� and 45�.

Waterproof and Dust Repellent

The aerofoil vanes are shaped to prevent rain and dust from penetrating the dome. The Supa Vent met the Australian standard for rain penetration when tested by CSIRO.


The Supa Vent is resistant to rust and corrosion and the bearings are lubricated with heat-resistant grease and permanently sealed, thus providing complete protection against dust and moisture. Theses features render the Supa Vent entirely maintenance-free.


The Supa Vent is backed by a 5-year warranty covering defective materials and manufacture.

Proven Performance

The University of New South Wales, Australia has tested the air-removing capacity of the Supa Vent and copies of their report showing its remarkable performance are available. Many thousands of Southern African users attest to the benefits produced by the Supa Vent.

Range of Sizes and Colours

Supa Vents are available in a range of colours to suit most roofs and if required, units can be can be colour coated to match specific requirements upon request. The new product in the Supa Vent stable is the clear unit for use as a skylight.

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