Ultimate Thermo Pipe

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Product Details

Resin bonded high temperature resistant mineral wool, preformed into rigid, cylindrical section. The pipes are supplied plain, however can be covered with canvas where painting/colour coding is required,or covered with aluminium foil where a vapour barrier is required. Special additive is used to give the pipes high resistance to the ingress and absorption of water. This water repellency is an integral feature of the insulation and not simply a surface treatment.

Features & Benefits

  • Low thermal conductivity across a wide temperature  range
  • Reduces heat loss/gain for energy conservation
  • Controlling temps to preserve process conditions and/or prevent excess temperature drops
  • Prevent condensation inside or outside pipes and ducts
  • Excellent sound absorption properties for noise control purposes
  • Protection of personnel & structures by controlling the surface temperature of processing systems
  • Non-hygroscopic


Thermal and acoustic insulation of pipe work in power generation,oil refineries,chemical plants and on industrial steam and process pipe work.

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Technical Data

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