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Product Details

Used for Domestic, Industrial, Retail Ceilings; as over purlin insulation, under floor insulation, cavity wall insulation & inverted roof insulation, where IsoBoard is laid on top of a concrete deck.


  • Nail Up Ceiling Application
  • Nail Up Ceiling Application – Wooden Trusses
  • In Between Rafters
  • Over Truss/Rafter Application – 100mm beveled board
  • Over Purlin Application
  • Inverted Roof Application
  • Cavity Wall Application
  • Under Floor Application

IsoBoard Technical Specifications

as tested by SABS, CSIR & confirmed in Agrement certificates:


32 - 36 kg/m³

Compressive Strength

220 - 310 kpa

Water Vapour Permeability

0, 78 ng/Pa.s.m

Co-Efficient of Linear Expansion and Contraction

0,067mm per °C

Water Absorption

0, 26% by volume

Thermal Conductivity @ 90 days

0, 024 W/m°C

Combustibility and flame spread

SANS 428, B1,B2,H&V


2,34 (less toxic than wood)

IsoBoard Sizes & Profiles


T&G side profile (interlocking)




1,8m; 2,4m – 7,2m in 600mm increments, and 8m

IsoBoard Over Purlin Spans

for dark coloured roofs and residential use reduce span by 200mm

25mm IsoBoard

1100 mm without support

30mm IsoBoard

1400 mm without support

40mm IsoBoard

1600 mm without support

  • IsoBoard Over Rafter Spans: 750mm
  • IsoBoard Nail Up Ceiling Spans: 600mm
  • IsoBoard Exposed Rafter Spans: Batten alongside truss, & one in middle.
    If greater than 1200mm apart, apply Nail Up recommendation

IsoBoard Finishes

  • Bevelled @ 100mm centers (Isopine/T&G effect)
  • Bevelled @ 600mm centers
  • Plain

IsoBoard Lighting recommendations

  • Fix any light fittings to brandering or trusses, as the IsoBoard cannot handle the weight of the light.
  • If the light will generate over 80ºC, we advise that a spacer block be placed between the light fitting and the IsoBoard
  • For downlighters use fittings that have an rotating globe, this will prevent heat from transferring from the globe to the frame. The downlighter globes that can be used are the MR16 and GU10 types.

IsoBoard Touch Up /Repair recommendations

  • If the product is slightly damaged, it can be repaired using the NMC adhesive, as a filler. The method is to fill the damage area, and after a few minutes wipe the excess off the board with a wet sponge.
  • If the damage is slightly more severe, it can also be repaired using the NMC adhesive, as a filler. The method is to fill the damage, and after a few minutes wipe the excess off the board with a wet sponge. The next day, fill the damage again and wipe off with a wet sponge.
  • If the damage still needs to be filled further, use a mixture of polyfilla and paint to fill the damage and sand down using a fine sandpaper once dry.
  • Paint the IsoBoard with a good quality acrylic PVA


Additional Information

Technical Data

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