Ultimate Thermo Matt

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Product Details

Resin-bonded mineral wool blanket stitched onto galvanized wire-mesh. Wire backed mattress for thermal and acoustic application

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent thermal resistance across a wide  temperature range
  • Reduces heat loss/gain for energy conservation
  • Controls temp to preserve process conditions and/or prevent excess temperature drops
  • Prevents condensation formation inside or outside pipes and ducts
  • Excellent sound absorption properties in noise control applications
  • Protection of personnel & structures by controlling  the surface temperature of processing systems
  • Chemically inert and when applied under controlled conditions would not promote or cause corrosion

Acoustic Performance

Has excellent sound absorption characteristics which will provide effective acoustic insulation where a reduction in noise levels is required.

Thermal Conductivity

Refer to Stonewool nomograph is data sheet download.


Thermal insulation of large ducts,vessels,boilers, and high temperature plant and equipment. Particularly suitable for large curved or irregular shaped surfaces.

Additional Information

Technical Data

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