Envirotuff Reflective Foil 199

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Product Details

Envirotuff 199 is a single sided metalized, 3 layer woven aluminium foil insulation used for residential buildings, under tile, slate or fibre cement residential buildings and property developments. It is a cost effective, non tear, strong and durable radiant heat and moisture barrier.


  • Excellent tear and puncture resistant properties
  • High reflectivity of up to 97%
  • Prevents against both radiant and conductive heat transfer
  • Effective moisture barrier
  • Aluminium side up to keep heat out of the building
  • Aluminium side down to retain heat within the building
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Aluminium tape available (40m x 48mm)


  • SABS approved
  • ASTM E84 approved (fire rating)
  • System thermal resistance – 0.5 m2.k/w
  • Film type: aluminium foil / PE tie layer / woven fabric
  • Sizes available : 40m x 1.25m (50 m2)


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