Envirotuff Reflective Foil 203ECO

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Product Details

Envirotuff 203ECO FR is a double sided, 6 layer woven aluminium foil insulation used in commercial and industrial applications. It is cost effective, strong, rigid and durable. It's an ideal radiant heat and cladding insulation barrier designed for easy handling and installation.


  • Single extrusion lamination that stops delamination
  • Excellent Radiant Barrier Commercial / Industrial
  • Prevents against both radiant and conductive heat transfer
  • Effective moisture barrier
  • Double sided aluminium to keep heat out in hot conditions and warmth in during colder conditions
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Aluminium tape available (40m x 48mm)


  • SABS approved
  • SANS 428 compliant
  • Rigid double sided
  • Width = 1.25m
  • Length = 40m
  • R Value range = 2.31 - 2.42
  • Fire rating = B/B1/2/H only SP

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