Ultimate Thermo Felt

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Product Details

Resin bonded flexible mineral wool blanket supplied in rolls.The felt is supplied plain, however on request it can be faced with reinforced kraft/aluminium foil, tissue or woven glass cloth to suit specific applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent thermal resistance across a wide temperature range
  • Reduces heat loss/gain for energy conservation
  • Controlling temp to preserve process conditions and/or prevent excess temperature drops
  • Prevents condensation formation inside or outside pipes and ducts
  • Excellent sound absorption properties in noise control applications
  • Protection of personnel and structures by controlling   the surface temperature of processing systems
  • Chemically inert and when applied under controlled conditions would not promote or cause corrosion

Thermal Conductivity

Refer to Data Sheet below.

Acoustic Performance

Has excellent sound absorption characteristics which will provide effective acoustic insulation where a reduction in noise levels is required.


Thermal insulation of locomotive and Solar panel batteries,industrial ducts,vessels,boilers and ovens. Suitable for application on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Additional Information

Technical Data

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