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Global Specialised Systems the supplier of the ever popular Buildex and ZAP self drilling screws and fasteners. All fasteners are made to exacting high standards of quality and provide maximum endurance over a range of climatic and environmental conditions.

Our self-drilling timber and metal screws are suitable for fixing into timber and thin steel thicknesses of up to 0.6mm and they are They are available in a variety of finishes and unique product features to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.

The Metal Teks® self-drilling screws have a hardened drill point that will drill and thread in structural steel and mild steel. These Teks points are designed in a manner much the same as a high speed drill bit.

The “ZAP” self drilling screws are manufactured in accordance with international standards and are manufactured from steel with the correct hardness. The tapping performance tests ensure that “ZAP” self drilling screws will tap properly, eliminating wastage on screws that “strip” during the tapping process. The plating tests ensure that “ZAP” self drilling screws is corrosion resistant. The “ZAP” self drilling screws are available in a variety of head styles and lengths, making them suitable for most fixing applications in steel and timber.

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