PVC Coated Straining Wire

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Our Galvanized steel is greatly resistant to rust and thus considerably prolongs its service lifespan. It is available in a wide range of gauges and lengths, and is used extensively in the construction industry and in the industrial, do-it-yourself, and agricultural sectors.

Our PVC Coated Steel Core is manufactured with a high grade PVC outer cover, over a center core of multiple high tensile fine galvanized wires. This is a heavy duty wire which is rust free, has minimal sag and is ideal for use in roofing applications. By using multiple fine wires in the core the coated steel wire is kink free.

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Description of stock items:

  • Galvanized Wire - 25kg - 1250 lm - 1.6mm
  • PVC White Wire - 25kg - 1587 lm - 1.6mm


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