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The standard face widths of the grid system are 15mm, 25mm and 35mm. Each width has its own preferred application, but no real construction criteria exists for their respective usage i.e. a 15.0mm grid system will accept any lay tile size and a 25 and 35mm grid will do the same.

However, some revealed edged tiles will only fit into the narrow grid (15mm). We therefore recommend, that when specifying revealed edged tiles, that you check the correct grid for the particular tile.

The wide grid (35mm) is also recommended in areas where additional support for the ceiling tile is required e.g. under outside overhangs, or where the nature of the tile makes accurate sizing of the tile difficult to control.

The manufacturers can be contacted for a detailed installation process of suspended ceiling grid systems.

Maximum spans of suspension on main tee

Manufacturers tee shall expand to maximum of 1.2m. for specialized spans contact the manufacturer for details.

Junction between Perimeter Trims & Ceiling Grid

Greater than 600mm an additional suspension point should be added in.

Perimeter Trims

  • Perimeter trims – standard suspended ceilings: Perimeter trims for suspended ceilings can be the L - shape or the shadow line type (stepped).
  • Perimeter trims – Flush plaster suspended ceilings galvanized angle L – shaped, or a shadow line type is used to create a shadow line which hides building imperfections.
  • The perimeter trims are measured as an independent item in bills of quantityas no 2 areas will necessary yield the same usage of trims.

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