Vapour Permeable Membrane

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Product Details

Global Specialised Systems white undertile membrane is manufactured from two outer layers of non-woven UV stabilised spunbonded polypropylene, laminated together using a blend of UV stabilised molten polyethylene.

Features & Benefits

  • durable
  • cost effective
  • wind, water and dust protection
  • high tear strength
  • eliminates wind gusting noise

Product Function

The membrane performs a critical function in preventing roof coverings from being removed under high wind gusting conditions. It will also resist wind driven rain from entering the loft space and due to its absorbent backing will prevent condensate run off. In addition it will reduce dust contamination throughout the loft area and eliminate wind gusting noise.

Roll Dimensions

  • 1500 mm Wide x 30 l/m Length
  • 45 m2 per Roll
  • Effective Coverage: 40,5 m2 with 150 mm overlap
  • Roll Mass: +-5,2 kg
  • Grammage: 100g/m2

Physical Properties

  • Colour: White
  • Construction: Virgin non-woven spunbonded / polyethylene laminate.
  • UV stabilised
  • Thickness: +/- 400 micron
  • Water, heat and dust resistant
  • Absorbent backing prevents condensate run-off
  • Excellent wind uplift resistance
  • High tensile and nail tear strength
  • Water permeability: No water permeated through membrane after ponding with 50 mm of water for 14 days
  • The membrane can also be used on all pitched roofs utilising clay/ cement tiles


Additional Information

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