Isotherm Polyester Blanket

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Product Details

ISOTHERM thermal insulation is made from 100% thermally bonded, people-friendly polyester. The polyester fibre is produced from recycled PET bottles.

The soft texture of ISOTHERM insulation makes it easy to roll out and cut to size. Pleasant to touch, ISOTHERM is simple and safe to install. No loose fibres or itching. It is non-allergenic, non-irritant and resilient. ISOTHERM Provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, ISOTHERM is ideal for use in both roofs and walls.

ISOTHERM must stay dry. It must not be exposed to a naked flame and any other ignition source. Keep this in mind when storage arrangements are being made.

ISOTHERM is resilient and does not shed loose fibres; it withstands normal handling during transportations and installation.


No chemical additives, no odour or emissions of volatile organic compounds.


ISOTHERM is non- allergenic.

Maintenance Free

ISOTHERM is resistant to condensation and associated fungi and bacteria. ISOTHERM retains loft and does not degrade over time.

Eco - Friendly

ISOTHERM is made using polymer from recycled PET bottles and is completely recyclable.

Energy Saving

ISOTHERM saves energy. In less than 3 years ISOTHERM can pay for itself by savings on electricity usage.

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