TPH Plaster

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Product Details

TPH plaster is a multi purpose plaster supplied in 40kg bags. In dry powder form, mixed in clean water, it dries to a smooth dust free, hard, water resistant finish. No protection from the elements is necessary. It can be painted if so desired and can used both internally and externally.

TPH can be applied over other plaster or fibre insulation (blanket or modules), providing the sub-structure has been wired and/or secured with wire mesh or, expanded metal in the case of flat overhands.

Best results are obtained by applying two coats of 5.8mm thickness allowing the first coat to dry before the second coast is applied.

Thermal Conductivity

  • 100C = 0.071 W/mC
  • 250C = 0.085 W/mC

Coverage Capacity

5.0m at 6mm thickness

Limiting Temperature

-20C to +300C


Non organic



Chloride Content

Less than 60 ppm

Recommended Plaster / Water Mid

40kg / 30 litres

Chemical Analysis

  • SiO 33% - 39%
  • AIO 15% - 19%
  • FeO 2% - 4%
  • CaO 34% - 39%


Cement and Granulated Fibre

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