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Roof Ventilation

Global Specialised Systems offers and comprehensive range of wind-driven turbines selected and designed to actively ventilate buildings and other enclosed structures. We offer turbines that are available to suit a broad spectrum of applications i.e. for ventilating buildings without ceilings, or for ventilating ceiling voids in buildings such as shops, offices, schools and homes. It can also be used for enclosed structures such as vehicles, reservoirs, containers, ships, portable toilets and shelters for guards.

Hurricane Fire Vent

The Hurricane Turbine Ventilator has received global recognition as the leader in wind-driven ventilator technology. Hurricane ventilators are c...

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The low-cost industrial turbo vent, designed and manufactured in South Africa for rugged, low cost, industrial ventilation. Pedigree T...

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Whirlybirds originate in the USA where they have been operating since 1940. They have spread throughout the world and are the biggest selling turbine ve...

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