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Global Specialised Systems (KZN)’s specially designed thermal and acoustic insulation blankets offer exceptional acoustic properties & enhance indoor environmental quality by absorption of mechanical noise and condensation generated by air conditioning equipment. The final result provides for a neat appearance and adequate seal. We also offer Ducts with various outer and inner finishes for either acting as vapour barriers or when acoustic performance is required.


Ductboard is manufactured from a high quality, Glasswool board faced on the external surface with a reinforced aluminum foil vapour barrier. The air str...

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Ductwrap is a thermal insulation blanket specifically designed to wrap around air conditioning ducts. Manufactured from high quality, non-combustible Gl...

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Sonic Liner

Sonic Liner is a flexible Glasswool insulation blanket faced with an acoustically permeable black woven glass cloth on the air stream surface. A 35mm ov...

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